Hecataeus of Miletus says: I write down what I think is true, because the stories told by the Greeks are, in my opinion, ridiculous and countless.

Countless and Absurd

The name of this website, Countless and Absurd, is a reference to Hecataeus, reflecting my belief that logography is as necessary in post-modernity as it was in 6th century BC Ionian Greece. Please forgive my gratuitous use of passive voice, I’m in the process of recovering my prose aesthetics after being steeped in academic culture. I’m currently working as a researcher with the Median Group supported by a grant from the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative. I also work in a part time capacity for Mercatoria.

The work I’ve done with Median Group can be found here. I have few mostly unorganized and incomplete projects on my Github. If you’re interested in being marketed to, please see my LinkedIn and CV.

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